Garage Shelving - A Must Have

Garage shelving really isn't an option. It's more of a necessity really. If you have tried living without shelving in your garage you know what a cluttered mess it can get to be. Not only does it help keep items up off the floor and organized, it also helps you keep your sanity. That's why it is a must have. I don't understand everything about feng shui, but I do know that it is supposedly a good thing to try to create in your living spaces. If you can't feel at ease in a space, walk easily through it, or think straight while you are in it, then it isn't very feng shui, and that is a bad thing. So here are three ways that garage shelving can help you keep your mental space clear, as well as the floor.

  1. You need to recognize just what a special and sometimes fragile place your mental peace can really be. While our minds are robust and capable, they also have a great need for organization and cleanliness. Cleanliness is, after all, next to Godliness! Garage shelving is a practical way to help us be our very best.
  2. I once bought and listened to a self-improvement tape series by Joe Land entitled, The Ultimate Power. In one of the tapes he describes the self as consisting of two selves in one. On the one hand we all have a lower self. This is the part of us that just wants to throw our junk into piles, to be lazy, to neglect the things we really should be doing. This part of ourselves would not embrace garage shelving because it is just easier to be casual and haphazard in the way we manage our things. This part of us doesn't care what other people think, or how it feels to be frustrated when we can't find something because of our carelessness. This and all the other negative sides of our being belong to this lower self.

    On the other hand, we also have a part of self that is the higher self. This part wants us to be disciplined, focused, happy, and committed. The higher self has no problem with things like garage shelving because it understands and accepts the value of organization and order. The higher self reigns in the lower self and helps us improve our lives in general. The two selves are constantly struggling with each other for dominance. When we make the effort to pick up the clutter, put the tools on a shelf and the sports equipment on racks, then we are positively reinforcing our higher self and it gets stronger. When we don't, then we are strengthening the lower self. It's a decision we make multiple times throughout each day.
  3. Garage shelving keeps peace in the wigwam and that is always a good thing to do if we want mental peace in our lives. If you are single, and live entirely alone then this may be okay (if you are content to live in your lower self). But, if you live with roommates or with family then doing what you can to engender good feelings is important. If you throw up some garage shelving and start to use it, you may just find that your spouse or friends respect you more because it shows that you care about their mental peace as well as your own. This is a higher self function.
So, decide to live in your higher self every chance you get, and put up garage shelving. It is a definite Must Have in your life.


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