Organize Your Closet - 10 Tips To Help You Clear Your Clothing Clutter

Cary Bradshaw from "Sex and the City" had the perennial struggle to let go of her old clothes. Closets full of clothes that she may have worn just once in her life. Her predicament had made us laugh while we enjoyed "Sex and the City" on television, but there is no denying the fact that often we've glanced at our respective closets and wondered Ah there are so many clothes, but which one do I wear now.

Welcome to the world of systematic chaos, the closets of most women. How to undo the chaos while there is no stopping us from picking up the summer dress that we liked in Sears the other day or the pair of jeans with motifs?

Well, how much ever painful it may seem we will need to clear up our closets from time to time. And yes, we will have to be ruthless. Unbeknown to men, most women have an emotional attachment to their clothes. Men always fail to appreciate that! So, yes clearing up the closet would mean that we need to keep our emotions aside.

1. First, remove all that do not fit. Keep them in a separate pile.

2. Next, remove those that are not in fashion any more. Believe me they never come back to fashion in exactly the same way. There is always some tweaking that makes it new age.

3. Then browse through the ones that you have left. Do you wear all of those? If not, then why? Do you think you will go back to wearing those? Keep those in a separate pile.

4. Now try matching those clothes that you have kept in a pile before, with the ones that you wear. Can you pick up some top or trouser or skirt that may match with the ones that you wear now? Then pick those ones up.

5. Once you have your discarded pile, you know that you need to dispose those off. You may want to donate those to some charity or sell those off in yard sales or in eBay. You may also consider cutting out some pattern that you may especially like in your discarded clothes pile and use that as a patch work on your jeans, quilt or even your table cloth.

6. Next let's arrange the pile that you are going to keep. First and foremost press them all.

7. Then categorize the clothes as per office wear, party wear and casual wear. Then further divide those as per seasons winter, summer or spring.

8. Now keep the ones that are not right for the current season separately and hang those that you will be using for this season.

9. Match your accessories with your clothes and keep those arranged neatly along with your dresses.

10. Finally is there anything missing in your closet? There are few must-haves. Take a stock and see if you have that little black dress, every woman should have. A pair of black leather boots to go with everything and nice flats for the summer. A good leather jacket and skirt suit to make that presentation look even better. You must also have one summer dress, with its crochet handbag and big ear rings.


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